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Jeremy Paxman urges a co-ordinated approach to tackling litter

Jeremy Paxman urges a co-ordinated approach to tackling litter

He may be best known for his tough questioning style from many years fronting the BBC’s Newsnight programme, but Jeremy Paxman has waded into the debate on litter, airing his concerns about the level of rubbish on Britain’s streets.

Mr Paxman was a guest speaker at the Foodservice Packaging Association’s annual environment conference in January. The purpose of the event was to debate how the UK can tackle litter and improve recycling rates.

In his role as patron of Clean up Britain, Mr Paxman had strong words for delegates. He discussed the role that packaging plays in the littering issue, explaining that dealing with litter costs local authorities £1bn a year. Acknowledging that individuals should be held responsible for dropping litter, Mr Paxman also pointed out that litter in the form of empty packaging was not the kind of advertising that companies want.

He advocated a more co-ordinated strategy for tackling the issue, saying that that the British government had “failed to address the problem”. Mr Paxman said that the lack of financial support from government has created a situation in which the private sector is required to fund initiatives.

“I agree that the problem of littering is an important issue as dealing with waste collection and disposal forms a significant part of local authorities’ costs,” comments Amberol’s MD Patience Atkinson-Gregory. “The councils that we supply are working hard to tackle the issue but of course would benefit from additional funding and support.”

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